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Luminous is the best word that came to me to express the energetic quality of what I do. 


Luminousity is the quality of the highest frequencies

and emanates from one’s union with Source. In quantum physic, the higher frequencies are faster and detected

in the life spectrum and the lower frequencies which are slower, are associated with matter. In the practice of meditation one will shift their state from the lower frequencies of ordinary being to the higher frequencies of union with Source.


My journey toward healing and wholeness was possible through inner knowing and experience of the Source within. This adventure of consciousness started in 1982 and from that time on, I have applied myself almost daily to experience this feeling within my heart and to further my understanding. It brings me peace, joy, contentment, understanding, clarity, fulfillment and true gratitude.


It is from this point of Knowing, of Light, my inspiration comes for the work as a teacher and as a healer.



Francine Ramu

Francine has been practicing and teaching in California, USA and Switzerland since 1988. Her skills as a professional and a human being are expansive and profound, born from her education and life experiences. Her work has been inspired by her interest in teachings of the knowledge of one’s self and the movement toward well being.

  • Energetic Healing

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage

  • The Raindrop Technique ®

  • Mandala of the Children

  • Love Your Body, Love Yourself

  • The Mandala Process ®

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