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Francine Ramu

Francine has been practicing and teaching in California, USA and Switzerland since 1988. Her skills as a professional and a human being are expansive and profound, born from her education and life experiences. Her work has been inspired by her interest

in teachings of the knowledge of one’s self and the movement toward well being. 


She works as a healer and teacher. In this present time, her hands on healing practices include energy work and manual lymphatic drainage, as well as the Raindrop Technique, which uses therapeutic grade essentials oils.


As a Holistic Health Educator, she has developed:


  • 'Love the Body Mandala Workshops' for adults and children, a process stimulating the reintegration of disliked body parts 

    and the transformation of a poor self image.

  • 'Love Yourself-Love Your Body' classes help to build a positive body image in preadolescent children and prevent eating disorders.

  • 'Mandala of the Children' is a transformative process to connect to feelings and to the joy within the heart.


Francine is committed to serving as a catalyst for people to listen to the voice of the body and the heart so the experience of life becomes fuller and richer.







Manual Lymphatic Drainage diploma, Formation Drainage, Simone Monney, Switzerland


Certificate in Movement Psychology, Orinda, California, USA


Master in Holistic Health Education, JFK University,  California, USA


Massage/Body work diploma, Judith Mc Kinnon School, California, USA


RN degree, Le Bon Secours, Geneva, Switzerland

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